WordPress Developer Tips: Information Architecture and the Template Hierarchy

21m 8s – Advanced

This short installment of WordPress Developer Tips helps you use information architecture (IA) and the WordPress template hierarchy to build a cleaner and more effective design process. Morten Rand-Hendriksen shows how to set up IA for your site, map IA to the template hierarchy, create a template map for your project, and match the map to your starter theme. Incorporating IA will help you put “function before form” and not only make the development process quicker and easier, but also result in better, more functional websites for your clients and users.

Introduction – 1m 13s
Welcome – 1m 13s

1. Information Architecture (IA) and the Template Hierarchy – 17m 42s
What is IA and the template hierarchy? – 4m 30s
Creating IA for a WordPress site – 4m 20s
Mapping the IA to the WordPress template hierarchy – 2m 53s
Creating a template map – 2m 50s
Matching the template map to your starter theme – 3m 9s

Conclusion – 2m 13s
Going further with WordPress – 2m 13s

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