VirtualMin WordPress Nginx Permalinks

VirtualMin WordPress Nginx Permalinks

If you want to use Virtualmin with nginx, there are two nice tutorials (Using Nginx with Virtualmin and Virtualmin with NGINX+PHP-FPM+OPCACHE).

To get the WordPress permalinks to work, do the following:

Go to Virtualmin > Services > Configure Nginx Website > Return to virtual hosts list > Edit Configuration Files.


Locate the configuration for the specific website:

After the first location block:

Add another location block:

Now, save changes and click “Apply Nginx Configuation” to restart Nginx.

If you have installed WordPress in a folder, add the following location block:


Save and apply changes.

You can also achieve this by making the same changes to the “nginx.conf” file which is located at “etc/nginx”. Open the file in nano with the command:

nano nginx.conf

Make the changes, save the file and restart nginx with the command

service nginx restart

Make sure the cache (WP Super Cache) is cleared. If you still have problems, try with the ‘Nginx Helper’ plugin.



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