40 CSS3 button examples with effects & animations

Are you looking for some CSS3 buttons, which are good enough to be used in real-world website projects? here are some CSS3 buttons you might like. Since my last post about codepen buttons, I’ve been searching sites like codepen, cssdeck and jsfiddle for some good practical buttons and I’m amazed to find so many cool CSS3 buttons with nice effects and animations.

Here are some wonderful buttons I’ve picked, which I think are cool and practical and can be used in your web projects. Some buttons here do use jQuery, but not too lavishly to mess-up everything.

CSS3 Pink Button with Pacifico font

Nice 3D pink rectangle button uses CSS3 transition effects. Other than small jQuery code to play the sound and change inner text, it’s entirely made using pure CSS3.
CSS3 Button

Collection of CSS3 3D Web Buttons

Collection of 3D buttons, created only using CSS3. The buttons were inspired by freebie PSD Chunky 3D buttons.
css3 Button collection

CSS3 Social 3D buttons

Nicely done social buttons only using CSS3 and icon font.

CSS3 Animated buttons

Circle animated buttons with CSS3 background patterns. Might not work in Firefox 3.6 and IE10.
css3 animated button

CSS3 Circle Animated buttons

Another circle animated buttons, but this time, the text rotation on mouse hover gives really nice effect.
css3 circle animated buttons

Clean Circle buttons

Another example of circle CSS3 buttons.
css3 clean buttons

Pure CSS3 Toggle Buttons

Nicely created Toggle buttons, entirely created using CSS3 and icon font.
css3 Toggle Buttons

CSS3 Animated Button

A nice looking 3d button created using CSS3 and Google fonts.
css3 button

CSS3 Button Effects

Buttons demonstrate cool animations using different CSS3 properties.
css3 button effects

Shiny CSS3 Buttons

We are now absolutely sure that we can easily create shiny buttons only using CSS3, no more photoshop.
css3 shiny buttons

3D CSS3 Buttons

It’s pretty amazing what you can do with CSS3 pseudo elements :before and :after. Checkout amazingly done 3d buttons.
css3 square buttons

CSS3 Switch

A pure-CSS3 button switch example, no javascript used.
css3 Switch

3D flip button effect

3D flip button effect on click, created only using CSS3.
css3 flip button

Brand Buttons

No effects or animation, just collection of popular brand buttons using CSS and bootstrap icons.
Brand buttons

Dark circled button

A circle button inspired by this dribbble shot example. Small jQuery code to give blob effect on click.
css3 circle button

CSS3 Switch

A Switch inspired by dribbble shot, created only using CSS3.
css3 switch button

Beautiful Flat Buttons

A collection of flat buttons for all occasions, no animation or effects.
css3 Flat buttons

Social Media Sharing Buttons

Much nicer version of social share buttons, only nonfunctional. As per author it should work in IE7+.
css3 sharing buttons

Christmas Button

CSS Christmas button using data:urls, a method to embed the image data directly into the document.
css3 christmas button

Soft Button

A round shiny button using CSS3.
css3 soft button

Soft Button

Buttons only uses unicode symbols, you can also use text or icon fonts.
Pure CSS button widget

Chunky 3D pure CSS3 Animated

Another set of 3D animated buttons for websites. Animation is done using theanimation and keyframes properties.
css3 3d buttons

CSS3 Metal UI buttons

Collection of CSS3 metal button, the symbols were created with the help of “pictos” font by using @font-face. Box-shadow and linear-gradient properties were used to create metal look.
css3 metal buttons

CSS3 rounded buttons

Another collection of rounded animated button created using CSS3.
css3 rounded buttons

Pressable CSS3 Social Buttons

Buttons uses simple CSS3 properties like gradients, box-shadows, text-shadowsetc. Hover and active states are also included in this set.
css3 social buttons

CSS3 Simple Push buttons

Nice CSS3 buttons. The HTML and CSS codes are much more usable in real world projects.
css3 push buttons

CSS3 3D download button

This 3D download button uses perspective transform to make the button look 3D which works only in webkit browsers.
css3 download button

Amazing CSS3 Social Buttons

These social buttons use liner-gradient as the base background, box-shadow for 3D effect, the icons are the result of data:URI.
Amazing CSS3 Social Buttons

Big Button

A big fat shiny CSS3 button with a shadow effect beneath it. The button uses font called “Sansita One” from Google font.
css3 big button

Simple Buttons

Just some simple CSS buttons for the refinement.
css3 simple buttons

CSS3 Social Buttons

Another set of Social buttons created using CSS3, it uses :before and :after to create the button itself. The icons are from fontawesome.io.

Simple CSS buttons

A series of simple CSS buttons. They are easy to customize and use. Can easily be integrated with Font-Awesome or other icons library to bring it out more.
css3 buttons

Poker Chip Button

Simple poker chip button example using CSS3, Can also be used as a button with hover effect.
css3 poker chip button

Slidey Button

Slidey CSS3 button concept, based on Dribble shot by @buatoom.
css3 slide button

Admin Menu Buttons

Administration bar (or menu or navigation) with css3 and fontawesome. When toggle on button class active is added using jQuery.
css3 admin menu buttons

Stitched Button

A simple button with stitched look, demonstrating the possibility of CSS3, no background image used.
css3 stitched button

Spin Button

Circular button with spinning border for hover indication.
css3 Spin Buttons

Pure CSS3 Button

A clean soft button created only using CSS3, the button was inspired by this Dribble example.
css3 button pure

Slide Out Card CSS3 Button

These buttons look like cards that slide out of a sleeve. Useful for teasing a user or for any info that needs to remain hidden until the user chooses.

Candybar CSS3 Button animation

A Pure CSS candybar button animation to denote loading state.
css3 candybar animation

CSS3 On/Off Switches

Nicely created CSS3 On/Off Switches created using CSS3, uses small jQuery code to toggle class.
css3 on off switches

Glossy CSS3 Buttons

Set of glossy css3 buttons, uses various CSS3 properties to give it 3D glossy look.
css3 glossy buttons

3D buttons with multi-color button edge

Pure CSS3 buttons with multi color button edge.
css3 3d buttons multi color edge



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