8 Characteristics Of A Good Programmer

8 Characteristics Of A Good Programmer

Finding a talented and experienced programmer is a tough task. With the constraint budgets, it becomes even tougher to find a decent programming staff that meets your expectations. The hiring process becomes more complex because screening the programmer by his skill set involves computer tests.

Big companies offer large paycheques to lure talented programmers, it becomes hard for small startups and small enterprises to find the talent in such cases. There are certain requirements a programmer has to meet in order to work efficiently. Today we have listed 10 characteristics that every programmer has.

1. Technical Skills

One common mistakes HR executive does while hiring a programmer is looking at programming experience. Instead of requiring minimum 3 years of C++ programming experience, a hiring team should look for a person who has added more number of new programming languages to his resume in recent times. You can simply check this by asking for their experience with different programming languages. Always look at the bigger picture. Older programming languages are no more used or practiced in the industry.

2. Learning Curve

Technology is always evolving. It is a never ending process. You must look for a person who is willing to learn new languages. The current programming knowledge of a person is going to get outdated in few years. It is important to know if programer has interest in learning new languages with the advances and development in technology.

3. Debugging

Debugging is equally important as creating a code. A programmer can get to the root of the problem quickly only if he has nice debugging skills. Always hire the programmer who can investigate his own code and research the possible loopholes. If a programmer can handle the bugs in his own code then he is the right person for the job.

4. Work Environment

Some programmers need complete silence while they are coding. Whereas, some prefer to work in chaos. Personal preferences of programmers affect their work ability to a great extent. It is important that programmers stay productive most of their time. Their productivity reflects in the quality of the work. Hiring team should always ask the programmer about his ideal work environment.

5. Problem Solving Skills

Creating an application is addressing to a particular problem. It is important to check the problem solving skill of candidate applying for programmer’s job. Programming can be compared with difficult math question. A good programmer always thrives on finding new ways to make something work. Every time you are trying to implement new ideas, you dont want to hear ‘that can’t be done.’ You should always ask a programmer if he can create a new task for your organisation.

6. Passion

Some programmers are working for the sake of making living while some are coding because of their love for coding. It is important to know the level of passion of programmer. The passion for programming reflects in dedication and ultimately the result. True programmers are typical computer geeks who spend most of their time in building or breaking stuff. Even though the passion is not necessary, it does reflect in work. You should ask your candidates about their hobbies or favorite pass time.

7. Communication Skills

It is obvious that programmers are not the best at talking to people. But in some cases programmers need to interact with their managers, co-wokers and clients. Their ability to communicate and interact matters a lot in client or team meetings. You can test the people skills of programmers in various ways.

8. Laziness

Laziness may sound like a bad thing to most of the people but when it comes to programmers, it is the advantage. Good programmers often have lazy approach. Statistics and research proves that laziness, impatience and hubris are the ideal qualities for programmers. Statistics show that lazy person finds the quickest and most efficient way to solve a programming problem.


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