A Collection of Pure CSS Animation Snippets & Demos

A Collection of Pure CSS Animation Snippets & Demos

Open source code has ushered in a new era of frontend web development. Beginners and experts alike can save time and stress by working with pre-built code snippets. The following gallery consists of 30 different snippets for creating animated effects with pure CSS.

All of these code snippets can be found in online cloud IDE platforms. These are like webapps that behave as code editors where frontend developers can practice concepts and unique ideas from any web browser. Lots of talented developers enjoy testing their ideas in a cloud platform while pushing the current boundaries of CSS. Feel free to check out any of these code snippets and even copy them into your own project work.

Also be sure to check if there are any libraries included with each snippet, or if any CSS code has been compiled using SASS or LESS.

You could also read about the latest CSS Animation trends in web design or you could grab some tools and resources that will help you create your own CSS animations.

Gooey Menu by Lucas Bebber

Toggle a circular animated menu with icons using pure CSS animation.

Animated Map Marker by Andreas Storm

This map marker drops in like the iOS pin icon and continues to animate an outward ripple effect.

Blurred Text by Nick Mkrtchyan

Ever wanted to create a dynamic HTML/CSS blurry-to-clear text effect? Then take a peek at this nifty example.

Loading Animations by Manoz

GIFs and SVG loaders are typically the most common choice for web design – but these advanced loaders are created using only pure CSS.

Cloud Icons by Dustin Boersma

Fade-in animations can really spice up any layout. This demo uses small cloud icons with a customized CSS3 fade-in effect.

Hop Over Badges by Paul Foster

Badge icons have been used primarily for notifications on iOS apps. Now they can be incorporated into any part of your website with a fancy CSS hop-over effect.

Pricing Tables by Mike Torosian

These tables are large, in charge, and tell you how much stuff costs. But they aren’t just any ordinary pricing tables because they have a cool animation effect on hover.

CSS Solar System by Yash Bhardwaj

Perhaps this is more flashy than pragmatic, but a complete solar system animated with CSS is definitely an impressive feat.

Hamburger Icons by Nathan Schmidt

If you need some animated three-bar hamburger icons look no further than this outstanding code snippet.

Pure CSS Modal by Ian McGrory

Modal windows are typically created using JavaScript but this example is perfect for any developers who want to try out a pure CSS modal.

3D Twitter Button by Bennett Feely

Ever wanted to add some pizazz into your blog or portfolio site? Well consider using this CSS-animated 3D button effect for all of your social media badges.

Material Design Form by Chris Sevilleja

Google’s material design was practically built for clean animation. Luckily other developers have taken notice and crafted some exquisite ideas like this CS3 material design webform.

Pure CSS Toggles by Brady Sammons

Jazz up your form interfaces with these customized and stylish checkboxes, radio buttons, and iOS-style slider switches.

3D Boxes by Joshua Hibbert

Dynamic animated hover effects are perfect for any photo gallery, but these 3D effects really take animation to the next level.

Animated Form Labels by Lucas Bebber

Need to save some room on your text input fields? Try out this handy trick on form labels using only pure CSS animation.

Pure CSS Slider by Damian Drygiel

Coding an image slideshow is tough work. So instead of building one from scratch save yourself the grief and build on top of this custom CSS-only image slider.

Happy Circles by Jan Reimers

Web design animation effects can get pretty abstract and these continuously-animated CSS circles are proof positive of this fact.

CSS Animated Profile by Assaf Gelber

Profile cards serve their purpose but can also be somewhat bland. So why not spruce up profile card designs with this neato CSS animation?

Accordion Dropdown by Pedro Nauck

Accordions are perfect for FAQs, navigation menus, and even small content sliders. But to really build a slam dunk accordion you should try adding this pure CSS animation to your page.

Page Editor Animation by Lloyd Wheeler

This animated icon can be used as a template for startups or webapps that need to visually explain the purpose and/or functionality of their website.

Scrolling Movie Credits by Oliver Knoblich

Scrolling movie credits are usually found on the silver screen but thanks to Oliver Knoblich we can replicate the effect in our own web browsers!

Responsive Material Prototype by Michiel Bijl

Here’s another CSS-animated icon effect demonstrating the responsive tendencies of material design website layouts.

Parallax Landscape by Oliver Knoblich

Scrolling backgrounds can be a beautiful addition to any website. This parallax mountainscape with full moon and telephone poles adds a tranquil ambiance to the page.

CSS3 Login Form by Kushagra Agarwal

Form animations are a great way to inject life into those little interactive elements on your page. This example can be used in lieu of(or in conjunction with) text-based form labels.

Tooltip Dropdown by @devilsbackyard

This smooth and silky dropdown effect can be used for navigation links or even small tooltips. It’s perfect for any website style or layout structure.

Animated Radio Slider by Marcos Scheeren

Although this slider needs to be paired with some JavaScript to serve a practical use, the effect is still wonderful having been built solely on CSS3.

Folded Corners by Rishabh Pugalia

With modern CSS animation it’s easier than ever to create seemingly complicated effects like folded corners with just a few blocks of code.

Pure CSS3 Rotator by Rishabh Pugalia

This content rotator is built with a small loading bar and unique transition effects between each slide. You can embed images, videos, or even iframes of other websites into the carousel.

Animated Clouds by Victor Knust

Need another cool parallax-style background for your layout? Well look no further than these CSS3-animated clouds placed on a sky blue backdrop.

Custom Switches & Checkboxes by Kushagra Agarwal

Here’s yet another customized set of checkboxes, sliders, on/off switches, and other similar widgets. The design style feels more technical but still incorporates some wondrous CSS animation effects.


CSS3 is one of the greatest leaps forward in modern web development. These code snippets are a testament to the design possibilities at your disposal. Before using any of these snippets be sure to check compatibility with major browsers. While CSS3 animation is growing rapidly there is still a need to maintain consistency and stability amongst visitors.


Fonte: http://marketblog.envato.com/inspirations/pure-css-animation-snippets/

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