Flex 4.5 and PHP: Creating Data-Driven Applications

3h 36m – Intermediate

This course teaches developers how to integrate Flex applications with PHP-based data services. Author Drew Falkman demonstrates retrieving XML data from a PHP server with HTTPService, connecting PHP classes to Flex using the amfPHP, WebOrb and ZendAMF adapters, and using the PHP data wizards in Flash Builder to save development time. The course also previews the Zend Studio IDE bundled with Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP and covers advanced topics such as setting up Flex mobile projects and changing servers at run time.

Topics include:
Understanding session management
Accessing RESTful services
Customizing service calls by passing parameters
Handling raw XML and JSON data
Exposing a PHP class as a Flex service
Generating PHP services with Flash Builder
Debugging in Flash Builder and Zend Studio
Exchanging data from PHP to Flex and back
Building a Master-Detail page
Implementing pagination
Creating a synchronized database in AIR
Using server-side session data

Introduction – 7m 25s
Welcome – 1m 12s
Using the exercise files – 1m 48s
What you need to know – 4m 25s

1. About Flex Data Services and PHP – 8m 38s
Introduction to PHP and Flex integration – 2m 43s
Why Flex and PHP? – 2m 44s
Understanding session management and RIAs – 3m 11s

2. Installation and Setup – 17m 38s
Using WAMP/MAMP – 34s
Installing the course files and the database – 4m 14s
Installing Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP – 3m 36s
Introducing Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP – 2m 39s
Exploring Flash Builder – 2m 18s
Setting up a Flex project in Flash Builder 4.5 – 4m 17s

3. Flex Service Basics and HTTPService – 39m 30s
Retrieving XML data with HTTPService – 6m 19s
Handling fault and result events – 6m 49s
Accessing RESTful services – 6m 13s
Passing parameters – 7m 33s
Handling raw XML data with E4X – 6m 50s
Handling JSON data – 5m 46s

4. Using AMF for Remote Service Calls – 36m 52s
Intro to Flex remoting – 3m 4s
Adapter intro: AMFPHP – 7m 3s
Adapter intro: WebORB – 7m 51s
Server side: A PHP service – 3m 30s
Using RemoteObject and handling service events – 7m 19s
Using value objects with PHP – 8m 5s

5. Introduction to Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP – 35m 40s
Introduction to Zend and Zend Studio – 2m 14s
Installing Zend Server – 4m 11s
Installing Zend Debugger on your PHP server – 4m 33s
Setting up a Flex PHP project in Flash Builder – 3m 49s
Exposing PHP class as Flex service – 4m 47s
Configuring Zend for Flex – 3m 16s
Using Flash Builder to generate PHP services – 4m 56s
Debugging in Flash Builder and Zend – 4m 12s
Exchanging data from PHP to Flex and back – 3m 42s

6. Using Flash Builder for PHP Tools – 37m 55s
Building a Master-Detail page – 4m 41s
Building a CRUD interface dynamically – 7m 28s
Adding lookup data – 7m 22s
Adding relational data – 7m 3s
Using data management – 5m 53s
Implementing pagination – 5m 28s

7. Advanced Topics: AIR, Channels, and More – 32m 4s
Intro to AIR and Flex Mobile – 8m 1s
Setting up a Flex Mobile PHP project – 3m 33s
Changing servers at run-time – 3m 1s
Creating a synchronized database in AIR – 7m 47s
Using server-side session data – 4m 57s
More about CallResponders and the AsyncToken – 4m 45s

Conclusion – 59s
Goodbye – 59s

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