MVC Frameworks for Building PHP Web Applications

3h 35m – Intermediate

In this course, author Drew Falkman tours four open-source PHP frameworks: Zend, Symfony, CakePHP, and CodeIgniter. The course covers basic framework concepts; explores the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern as a means of simplifying, organizing, and maintaining code; and details the ins and outs of developing basic applications in each of the four frameworks.

Topics include:
Why use a framework?
Exploring basic framework concepts
Comparing Zend, Symfony, CakePHP, and CodeIgniter
Downloading and installing each framework
Exploring MVC in each framework
Creating basic PHP projects

Introduction – 4m 58s
Welcome – 51s
What you should know – 2m 9s
Using the exercise files – 1m 19s
Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP – 39s

1. About PHP Frameworks – 17m 42s
Why use a framework? – 2m 59s
MVC is the MVP – 2m 1s
Framework concepts – 3m 19s
Finding the right solution – 2m 58s
Comparing Zend, Symfony, CakePHP, and CodeIgniter – 6m 25s

2. Introducing Zend Framework – 15m 49s
Intro to Zend 1.11 and the 2.0 beta – 4m 2s
Zend concepts, advantages, and issues – 4m 11s
Zend components – 3m 24s
Zend flow and architecture – 4m 12s

3. Using Zend Framework – 43m 53s
Downloading and setting up Zend Framework – 6m 30s
The development environment – 2m 48s
Creating a project – 4m 36s
The view – 9m 1s
The model – 7m 36s
Controller, form, and actions – 10m 17s
Taking it from here – 3m 5s

4. Introducing Symfony – 11m 57s
Intro to Symfony 2.0 – 2m 44s
Symfony concepts, advantages, and issues – 3m 7s
Symfony components – 1m 38s
Symfony flow and architecture – 4m 28s

5. Using Symfony – 35m 25s
Downloading and setting up Symfony – 4m 36s
Routing, controllers, and bundles – 6m 50s
The view: Twig and templates – 7m 15s
The model: Doctrine 2 – 7m 53s
Form and actions – 6m 43s
Taking it from here – 2m 8s

6. Introducing CodeIgniter – 11m 40s
Intro to CodeIgniter 2.1 – 2m 9s
CodeIgniter concepts, advantages, and issues – 2m 51s
CodeIgniter classes – 1m 50s
CodeIgniter flow and architecture – 4m 50s

7. Using CodeIgniter – 32m 8s
Downloading and setting up CodeIgniter – 2m 0s
The model – 6m 7s
The controller – 5m 30s
The view – 7m 19s
Forms and making it all work – 9m 24s
Taking it from here – 1m 48s

8. Introducing CakePHP – 12m 48s
Intro to CakePHP 2.0 – 2m 19s
CakePHP concepts, advantages, and issues – 3m 14s
CakePHP components – 2m 32s
CakePHP flow and architecture – 4m 43s

9. Using CakePHP – 28m 15s
Downloading and setting up CakePHP – 2m 22s
The model – 4m 9s
The controller – 5m 0s
The view and the FormHelper – 8m 53s
Making it all work – 5m 59s
Taking it from here – 1m 52s

Conclusion – 36s
Goodbye – 36s

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