PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics

10h 27m – Intermediate

In PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics, expert instructor Kevin Skoglund introduces powerful PHP programming techniques using object-oriented programming (OOP). Both novice and experienced PHP developers will benefit from the efficient, well-organized, reusable, and easy-to-understand code that OOP offers. Kevin shows how OOP techniques can streamline database queries, help manage sessions, and simplify user logins. While building a real-world web application, Kevin also includes practical advice on topics ranging from structuring code to logging user actions. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
Defining and using classes, methods, and attributes
Understanding class inheritance and access modifiers
Working with files and directories
Uploading files to a server via forms
Sending emails with PHP
Using pagination and View templates

Introduction – 4m 4s
Welcome – 1m 28s
Using the exercise files – 2m 36s

1. Installation and Project Setup – 4m 36s
PHP and MySQL installation – 48s
Project setup – 3m 48s

2. Intermediate PHP Techniques – 54m 26s
Using variable variables – 5m 20s
Applying more array functions – 5m 32s
Building dates and times: Epoch/Unix – 8m 47s
Formatting dates and times: Strings and SQL – 10m 6s
Setting server and request variables – 5m 37s
Establishing global and static variable scope – 5m 43s
Making a reference assignment – 3m 0s
Using references as function arguments – 4m 8s
Using references as function return values – 6m 13s

3. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) – 32m 16s
Introducing the concept and basics of OOP – 6m 25s
Defining classes – 4m 7s
Defining class methods – 3m 30s
Instantiating a class – 6m 0s
Referencing an instance – 4m 40s
Defining class properties – 7m 34s

4. OOP in Practice – 50m 52s
Understanding class inheritance – 6m 24s
Setting access modifiers – 8m 3s
Using setters and getters – 4m 2s
Working with the static modifier – 8m 20s
Reviewing the scope resolution operator – 2m 50s
Referencing the Parent class – 6m 49s
Using constructors and destructors – 6m 10s
Cloning objects – 3m 27s
Comparing objects – 4m 47s

5. Photo Gallery Project Setup – 14m 48s
Overview of the project – 3m 9s
Creating project and asset directories – 6m 8s
Creating a MySQL database – 5m 31s

6. Foundations of an OOP Project – 1h 24m
Creating the MySQL Database class – 6m 12s
Adding queries to the MySQL Database class – 3m 9s
Using the database object – 6m 47s
How OOP is an improvement – 5m 16s
Creating a User class – 6m 25s
Instantiating user objects – 8m 46s
Revising find methods to instantiate – 4m 3s
Autoload: The undeclared object safety net – 4m 8s
Creating the Session class – 7m 11s
Logging in using the Session class – 8m 56s
Initializing files and path constants – 6m 2s
Using path content for layout – 4m 51s
Late static binding – 13m 5s

7. Working with Files and Directories – 1h 29m
File system basics – 5m 28s
Understanding file permissions – 8m 48s
Setting file permissions – 5m 7s
PHP permissions – 10m 53s
Accessing files – 9m 45s
Writing to files – 5m 19s
Deleting files – 1m 51s
Moving the file pointer – 3m 58s
Reading files – 6m 17s
Examining file details – 6m 26s
Working with directories – 6m 44s
Viewing directory content – 5m 28s
Creating a log file: Assignment – 5m 44s
Creating a log file: Solution – 7m 56s

8. Uploading Files – 23m 52s
Configuring PHP for file uploads – 5m 42s
Sending files as form data – 4m 22s
Inspecting uploaded files – 3m 55s
Uploading errors – 3m 59s
Moving uploaded files – 5m 54s

9. Completing the User Class – 30m 0s
Remaining user CRUD – 2m 4s
Creating users – 5m 18s
Updating users – 5m 58s
Deleting users – 3m 39s
Abstracting the database table name – 3m 30s
Abstracting the attributes – 5m 56s
Finding the database attributes – 3m 35s

10. The Photograph Class – 48m 55s
Starting the Photograph class – 6m 16s
Coding the Photograph class – 5m 53s
Saving photographs – 5m 22s
Uploading photographs – 6m 46s
Listing photographs – 5m 55s
Storing messages in the Session class – 6m 15s
Deleting photographs – 7m 54s
Displaying photographs in the public area – 4m 34s

11. The Comment Class – 27m 23s
Creating the Comment class – 7m 7s
Building the comment form – 6m 43s
Listing comments – 6m 5s
Reviewing comments in the staff area – 7m 28s

12. Pagination – 24m 59s
Understanding the concepts behind pagination – 2m 51s
Using LIMIT, OFFSET, and COUNT – 2m 56s
Finding the pagination variables – 5m 51s
Using the Pagination class – 5m 2s
Paginating photographs – 2m 53s
Using pagination links – 5m 26s

13. Sending Emails – 43m 0s
Configuring PHP for email – 7m 30s
Sending email with mail() – 7m 9s
Using headers – 6m 50s
Reviewing SMTP – 4m 9s
Using PHPMailer – 8m 41s
Building notification for new comments – 8m 41s

14. Templating and Code Organization – 17m 46s
Using MVC architecture – 4m 12s
Simple templating – 8m 10s
Using the Smarty PHP templating engine – 2m 10s
Building PHP libraries and frameworks – 3m 14s

Conclusion – 1m 40s
Goodbye – 1m 40s

Appendix: PHP Installation and Configuration Assistance – 1h 14m
Installing on Mac 10.4 (Tiger) – 11m 59s
Installing on Mac 10.5 (Leopard) – 11m 23s
Configuring a Mac – 13m 39s
The text editor on Mac – 3m 27s
phpMyAdmin installation on Mac – 2m 26s
Installing on Windows – 6m 30s
Configuring on Windows – 8m 21s
The text editor on Windows – 4m 11s
MySQL basics: phpMyAdmin – 12m 26s

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