WordPress Developer Tips: Locking Down WordPress

56m 54s – Advanced

You need to lock WordPress down to keep your site secure and prevent malicious attacks. This installment of Morten Rand-Hendriksen’s WordPress Developer Tips covers security best practices, such as backing up your site, limiting admin and server access, and using settings and code snippets to block access to core files. Morten also introduces valuable security plugins and third-party services that will help you limit login attempts, enable two-factor authentication, and divert malicious traffic.

Introduction – 1m 37s
Welcome – 41s
Techniques covered in this course – 56s

1. WordPress Security Best Practices – 16m 43s
WordPress is secure – 3m 23s
Keeping up to date – 5m 26s
Backing up WordPress – 1m 11s
Secure usernames and passwords – 3m 22s
Limit admin access – 3m 21s

2. Limiting Server Access – 7m 32s
Server access: Best practices – 3m 51s
Server file and folder permissions – 3m 41s

3. Hardening WordPress Core – 16m 27s
Blocking web access to the other folder – 6m 8s
Blocking web access to wp-config.php – 2m 54s
Using keys and salts – 3m 34s
Disabling file editing in WordPress admin – 3m 51s

4. Essential Security Add-Ons – 13m 15s
Limit login attempts – 4m 47s
Two-factor authentication – 3m 24s
Diverting malicious traffic – 1m 52s
What to do when your site is compromised – 3m 12s

Conclusion – 1m 20s
Exploring WordPress theme development with lynda.com – 1m 20s

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