100+ Best Free jQuery CSS Image Hover Effect Demos & Plugins

JQeury hover effects add a nice finishing touch to any website or project. With increasing support of jQuery on modern broswers, along with HTML5 and CSS3 integration, hover effects have become more powerful and easier to implement than ever.

Whether you are using hover effects for images, text, buttons, there are a number of free solutions on the web. Today we have brought you this awesome collection of the best 100 free jQuery CSS image hover effects including both demos and plugins. We hope you find something useful here for your project. Enjoy.

Expanding Overlay Effect

A tutorial about how to create a simple expanding overlay effect using the CSS clip property and CSS transitions.

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3D Thumbnail Hover Effect

A tutorial about how to create 3D thumbnail hover effects with CSS 3D transforms and jQuery.

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Scrolable thumbs Menu

In this tutorial we will create a fixed menu with scrollable thumbs. The idea is to have a menu fixed to the bottom of the page and let a vertical stack of thumbs appear when hovering over a menu item.

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Hover Slide Effect

Today we will create a neat effect with some images using jQuery. The main idea is to have an image area with several images that slide out when we hover over them, revealing other images.

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Bubbleirif Jquery Image Gallery

In this tutorial we will create a bubbly image gallery that shows your images in a unique way. The idea is to show the thumbnails of albums in a rounded fashion allowing the user to scroll them automatically by moving the mouse.

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Sweet Thumbnail Image Gallery

In this tutorial we will create an image gallery with jQuery that shows a preview of each image as a little thumbnail. The idea is to hover over the slider dots and make the regarding thumbnail slide into the previewer.

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Hover/Click Trigger For Circular Elements With Jquery

Today we want to share one possible solution to the circle hovering problem. We’ll create a plugin that will take care of the ‘mouseenter’, ‘mouseleave’ and ‘click’ events to be triggered only on the circular shape of the element and not its bounding box.

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Direction-Aware Hover Effect With Css3 And Jquery

How to create a direction-aware hover effect using CSS3 and jQuery. The idea is to slide in an overlay from the direction we are moving with the mouse.

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Circle Hover Effects With Css Transitions

A tutorial about how to create different interesting hover effects on circles with CSS transitions and 3D rotations.

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Caption Hover Effects

A tutorial on how to create some subtle and modern caption hover effects.

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3d Shading With Box-Shadows

A tutorial about a technique that uses box shadows for creating a realistic shading effect on simple objects.

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Creative Link Effects

An inspirational collection of experimental link effects mostly using transitions on pseudo-elements.

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Animated Books With Css 3d Transforms

A creative way to show interactive books using CSS 3D Transforms.

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Responsive Icon Grid

A responsive grid of anchors with icons, text and some example hover transitions.

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Simple Icon Hover Effects

A set of simple round icon hover effects with CSS transitions and animations for your inspiration.

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Pseudo-Elements Animations And Transitions

Some creative experiments that use animations and transitions on pseudo-elements to create interesting effects.

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Flipping Circle Slideshow

A simple circular slideshow where we flip the image in order to navigate.

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Sticky Caption Concept

A little trick on how to make captions of thumbnails or items “sticky” in order to stay visible in the window or viewport.

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Creative Web Typography Styles

Let’s create some interesting web typography effects with several CSS techniques and the help of lettering.js.

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Fast Hover Slideshow

A little fast-running image slideshow that plays on hover and pauses when mousing out. The current image will stay visible.

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Page Transitions With Css3

In the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of single page websites lying around the internet, most of them using JavaScript for some transitions effect. Well, now I’m gonna teach you how you can have your own, but instead I’ll be using CSS Transitions and the :target property to do all the magic.

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Fullscreen Background Image Slideshow With Css3

Today we will create a CSS-only fullscreen background image slideshow. We’ll create different image transitions and also make a title appear using CSS animations.

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Lateral On-Scroll Sliding With Jquery

The main idea is to laterally slide in elements depending on the scroll position of the document. Dividing the page into a left and right side, we want to move the elements from “outside” of the page to the center when they are in the viewport.

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Typography Effects With Css3 And Jquery

Today we will create a set of nice typography effects for big headlines using CSS3 and jQuery. There are many things we can do with CSS3 animations and transitions and we’ll explore some of the possibilites.

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Interactive Typography Effects With Html5

With HTML5 gaining popularity, this tutorial outlines what is really just the tip of the iceberg that is interactive design. In this tutorial I will go over the development of dynamic, and generative banners to give your website that little extra wow!

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Elastic Image Slideshow With Thumbnail Preview

Today we want to show you how to create a simple elastic slideshow with a thumbnail preview. The slideshow will adjust automatically to its surrounding container and we can navigate through the slides by using the thumbnail previewer or the autoplay slideshow option.

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Original Hover Effects With Css3

The power of CSS3 is enormous and in this tutorial we will see how to exploit it in a very creative way. We are going to create some thumbnail hover effects with CSS3 transitions. On hover over a thumbnail, we will reveal some description of the thumbnail, using a different style in each example.

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Animated Buttons With Css3

Still hyped by the possibilities of CSS3, I want to share some CSS3 button experiments with you. The idea is to create some animated link elements with different styles, hover effects and active states.

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Creative Css3 Animation Menus

Being in the mood for experimenting with CSS3, I’d like to show you some creative menu hover effects in today’s tutorial. The idea is to have a simple composition of elements, an icon, a main title and a secondary title, that will be animated on hover using only CSS transitions and animations. We’ll be exploring some different effects for the elements.

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Blur Menu With Css3 Transitions

There are so many great things we can do with the additional properties and possibilities that CSS3 brings along. Today I want to show you how to experiment with text shadows and with transitions in order to achieve a blur effect that we’ll apply to a menu on hovering over the elements. The main idea is to blur the other items while enhancing the one we are currently hovering.

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Animated Text And Icon Menu With Jquery

Today we want to show you how to create a slick menu with a nice animation feature on hover. The idea is to make some elements slide out, change and animate the background color of the item and then slide the elements back in with a different color.

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Rotating Image Slider With Jquery

In the following tutorial we will create an asymmetrical image slider with a little twist: when sliding the pictures we will slightly rotate them and delay the sliding of each element. The unusual shape of the slider is created by some elements placement and the use of thick borders.

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Creative Button Styles

Some creative and modern button styles and effects for your inspiration.

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Thumbnail Proximity Effect With Jquery And Css3

Today we want to show you how to create a neat thumbnail proximity effect with jQuery. The idea is to scale thumbnails when hovering over them and also scale their neighbouring thumbnails proportionally to their distance. We’ll also make a description appear.

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Bounce Hover Effect

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Hover Caption Effect

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Parralax Image Hover Effect

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Parallax Hover example

Image Caption Hover Effect

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Direction Aware Hover Effect

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HTML CSS Caption Image Hover Effect

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Simple Image Hover/Flip Effect

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Diagonal Image Caption Hover Effect

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Diagonal Image Slide Transition

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Stylish Image Hover Effects jQuery Plugin

Adipoli is a simple jQuery plugin used to bring stylish image hover effects. There are over 20 transition effects (popout, sliceDown, sliceUp, fold, boxRain, boxRainGrow and etc…) you can choose from. You can also select the start effects, like transparent, normal, overlay and grayscale.

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Awesome jQuery image Swish Zoom Hover Effect

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Hover Zoom Effect with jQuery and CSS

The hover zoom effect basically reverse zooms an image while fading in a label on top of it when the mouse hovers over it. It makes for a pretty slick effect which could be used on thumbnails. As always, you can check out a demo or grab the source right here if you don’t want to read the entire tutorial.

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Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

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Interactive Zoom On Hover jQuery Plugin

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Beautiful Image Hover Effects With Jquery/Css3

Today we are glad to show you two beautiful image hover effects with jquery and CSS3. This example1 we want to show you, jquery hover effect using animation opacity transform color and the example2 you will see classic effect using zoom overlay using jquery and css.

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Tilt-Shift Hover jQuery Hover Effect

jQuery and CSS3 image filters to replicate the tilt-shift effect.

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Adaptive Thumbnail Pile Effect With Automatic Grouping

An experimental jQuery plugin that will group thumbnails by a shared data-attribute into a pile. When clicking on the pile, the thumbnails that belong to that pile will be spread into a grid using CSS transitions.

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Koola Zoom jQuery Plugin

This plugin makes images in an unordered list to zoom in on mouse hover and displays relative information.

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Image black and white switch with jQuery

This plug-in can easily convert any colored image into a B&W greyscale image. It uses the the HTML5 canvas tag and a fallback for the old browsers

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jQuery Beautiful Responsive Portfolio Hover Gallery

Create a beautiful responsive portfolio gallery with jquery mouse hover effect. On mouse over each images you see animation background transparency and two permalinks will appear with beauty icons link.

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Pure CSS3 images Hover Effects

There are five examples of hover effects using different CSS properties compared to the old tutorial posted on Codrops. In summary, we seek the same method but we will act especially using the border property, as we shall see later that allows us to create very particular effects.

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jQuery Multiple Image Hover Effect

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Cool jQuery Images Filters Effects

Filters is a jQuery plugin that allows to filter items using custom animation. You can use CSS3 transitions or just fadeIn/Out effect. Go to the demos and see how simple is that.

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CSS Powered Buttons with Hover Tooltips

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BookBlock – Flip-Book Plugin

The content flip plugin BookBlock has been updated and improved. Content can be flipped vertically and horizontally, and we’ve added support for RTL among other things.

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Css3 Hover Effect Tutorial With Image Circle

In tutorial we will show you new CSS3 hover effects using image circle animation transform to enhance your web design interface . It looks so much more interesting with creative design using circles image transition style.

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Css3 Hover Effects With Websymbols Tutorial

In tutorial we are going to show you new CSS hover effects using CSS transition properties with websymbols. It looks so much more interesting with creative design using circles transition style.

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Grid Navigation Effects With Jquery

Today we want to share some neat grid navigation effects using jQuery. In our examples we will show you ten ways how to navigate through a set of thumbnails. We’ll take a look at some of the possibilities and how to apply the effect.

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Flat Folio

A simple flat portfolio style that doesn’t suck. Saw a similar style on a theme and had to re-create it. Added some animate.css by Dan Eden and a hover effect.

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Flat Folio

CSS Directional Image Hover Effect

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Iconic Buttons – Hover Effect

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Iconic Buttons-hover

Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

Add an extra layer of information to your images with sliding boxes.

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Beautiful Thumbnail Hover Effect

Thumbnails of photos is very common part of any website. We have seen a lot of innovation and beautiful representation of thumbnails. Recently I came across a beautiful hover effect on thumbnails. Without saying much first see what is this effect.

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Beautiful Thumbnail Effect

Beautiful Thumbnail Hover Effect With Caption

Some days back I wrote a post regarding “Beautiful Thumbnail Hover Effect“. On getting such a good response about the javascript effect I am again presenting a different thumbnail presentation.

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jQuery Thumbnail with Zooming Image and Fading Caption

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Blox Hover – jQuery Image Hover Plugin

BloxHover is a simple jQuery plugin that animates overlay on images in 10 different effects. You can put any HTML content in the overlay. It’s structure is simple and it’s very flexible. The minified version of the plugin is 10kb.

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12 Free jQuery Hover Effects

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12 Awesome jQuery Hover Effects

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Responsive List + Flip effect

Hover or Click each element to see flip and bounceInLeft Effects.

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Flat Responsive Sliding Boxes

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Gallery hover expand

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Gallery hover expand

Fade-ing/out Magnifying Glass Overlay Hover

A common method for setting up a quick image gallery on a website is to have small thumnbnail images which when clicked on pop open larger versions of the image (using a script like Fancybox). It’s a good idea to have some sort of effect on the smaller thumbnail images when they are hovered over to make it more user friendly (in the same way you might change the color of a text link when hovered over).

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Magnifying glass for image zoom using Jquery and CSS3

Learn to make a realistic magnifying glass using Jquery and CSS3. Hover above the image to see the action.

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magnifying glass hover


Hover Captions (HCaptions) jQuery Plugin

Hover Captions (here in after: HCaptions) is a jQuery plugin that enables you to display caption overlays with cool effects over images, div’s, ect..

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Hover Black & White jQuery Plugin

This plug-in can easily convert any colored image (in an html page) into a B&W greyscale image.

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Windy – Image Preview Plugin

This jQuery plugin can be used to swiftly navigate content items. The effect will make the items fly away like a deck of cards caught in a tiny storm.

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Draggable Image Boxes Grid

Today we want to create a template with a fullscreen grid of images and content areas. The idea is to have a draggable grid that shows boxes of thumbnails and menu like items. Once clicked, the thumbnail will expand to the full size image and the menu item box will expand to a fullscreen content area.

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 Merging Image Boxes With Jquery

Today we will show you a nice effect for images with jQuery. The idea is to have a set of rotated thumbnails that, once clicked, animate to form the selected image. You can navigate through the images with previous and next buttons and when the big image gets clicked it will scatter […]

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Simple Image Hover Effects with jQuery

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jQuery image slide on hover effect

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