Top 10 Professional Tips For Programmers

1. Don’t stop continuous learning:

Technology is always evolving and if you want to relevant in the current market situation you need to evolve with the latest trends. Always go ahead with self-learning through media reports, articles, blogs, books, conferences and so on. Software development changes rapidly and if the skill sets are not expanded properly then the developers will lag behind. Developers should get involved with side projects and open source community involvement.

2. Check your code first before blaming others:

Your assumptions need to be questioned by yourself. If your code has a bug, detect it and fix it yourself, before others do the same. Debugging and unit tests need your special attention and you should not blame others for your own coding faults.

3. Write smart cool compressed code constructs:

You should test all the smart and cool code constructs too. It will help you to learn what is suitable for you and what’s not. You will evolve how to identify the smart code constructs and if your codes are smart enough then they don’t require much time to maintain.

4. Choose the best programming language for you:

There are several programming languages but you need to select the best one for your needs. You can opt for unfamiliar languages and not the common ones all the time. Use Python like languages for best coding habits and explore more.

5. Problem-Solving Skills:

Problem solving skills are very much required in best developers and their ability to code in languages and creatively solve problems demonstrate how much good a programmer you are. Different applications require different programming languages and if you easily switch between languages and tools, then nothing can be better for you.

6. Networking and Personal Branding:

Your networking skills must be at the best in the technology field. Focus on your personal branding which separates you from rest of the people on the same board. It will let you know the best opportunities in the market and you will be able to make your area of expertise visible to the world.

7. Use code analysis tools:

Unit testing, test driven development and some other agile methods will make out the most of the programmer in you. Use the best testing tools for best coding habits and use your own checkers to find out bugs and also standard violations. This is helpful in quality assurance and code analysis.

8. Code neatness:

Poorly formatted undocumented codes are never what companies look for from programmers. Maintain your coding standard so that the output is tidy and easily comprehensible. Increase your speed, automate main parts of your development process, keep track on syntax checking, code formatting and maintain clean coding as well as clean documentation of codes.

9. Be agile:

If you are agile then it will definitely help in continuous development of codes. Increase your adaptability and efficiency. Be flexible and maintain regular communication so that software development never stops.

10. Know your mobile platform:

Being an excellent developer means you are always in huge demand and you continue to build momentum. Software development has reached a new high with mobile platforms and programmers cannot ignore mobile development. Mobile platforms are slowly replacing desktop platforms so developers should be familiar with responsive design and mobile first methodologies.



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